Nylon gun belt

A 2 inch gun belt being showcased. this is one of the best nylon gun belts
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Finding the best nylon gun belt: expert picks

Choosing the best nylon gun belt can prove to be such a difficult task to not only someone who is new to acquiring one but even to someone who has own some for sometime. Gun belts come in different sizes and materials. The ideal gun belt should not only be able to hold the hostler with the gun in place but should also be able to hold your pants up and look presentable enough when worn. With a variety in the market, finding the right belt can prove to be very difficult due to counterfeit or low quality nylon gun belts available.  These are our recommendations on the best nylon gun belts

Blackhawk gun belt

The black hawk gun belt is a 1.5 inch belt available in the colour black which is presentable in most outfits. It is casual enough to be worn with either jeans or also on duty wear. It is from one of those brands that avails gun belts at different sizes to suit every person’s size. It is made from polyethylene which is basically nylon hence it’s a durable enough belt. It has parachute grade buckles and adapters with a hook and loop that secures the running ends.

Elite survival systems.

Elite survival systems presents one of the most durable gun belts made from the toughest materials; heavy nylon webbing and an internal stiffener. This is basically any person’s go to gun belt. It has double layers with an internal stiffener for extra strength in supporting the weights and precise stitching design to keep it lasting for a while. Not forgetting the cobra buckle which is among the best worldwide that provides easy fastening and releasing. It is proudly made in the USA and is available in a range of colours including coyote tan, gray and black.

5.11 (best nylon gun belt)

5.11 TDU 1.5-Inch Belt, Black, X-Large
List Price: $19.18
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This is a 1.5 inch belt with a wide range of uses in different conditions. It can be a secure tie down or  a secondary carry strap. It is made of nylon with a metallic buckle which can be used in air travel since it does not set off metal detectors. It is quite affordable and of good quality. Due to the material, the 5.11 belt does not rip easily and can be used for heavy duty. It has reinforced triple stitching which is a great feature in promoting long lasting period of the belt. It is also available in three different colours. However, it is very  stiff and might not provide the comfort needed in casual wear.

Things to consider when choosing the best gun belt

Therefore before obtaining any gun belt from a local store just for the sake of it, you should take your time to consider the following factors;

The material of the gun belt.

Material of any product really matters as it adds up to the quality of the product and it’s durability. It is no different for the gun belts. The most common and ideal materials are usually nylon and web while some brands love to add leather. However, unless it is high quality leather with extremely tough properties, leather gun belts are really not that long lasting and can be more or less the same as any typical belt. Also, the stitching should be on point. There is no need to buy a gun belt made of tough nylon only for it to have  loose stitches and lose its meaning otherwise.

Strength of the gun belt.

This is one of the most fundamental reasons as to why a gun belt is different from just any other belt. A typical belt is designed to only hold your pants up. But a gun belt not only holds your pants but at the same time should hold the weight of the gun together with other weights like cellphones and pouches. That is why depending on the material, a gun belt can last for long and be durable in the such conditions. It is important to invest in a gun belt than a typical belt since any normal belt can not really last long with all the weight on them. They will tend to sag at some point or the stitching will wear off.

Comfort and versatility.


A belt, just like any other normal wears has to be comfortable. If not, you can not put it on. Some gun belts come with a casual look and can be worn with either jeans or even khaki pants. Comfort goes well with presentability because no one wants to look out of place with the belt not matching the outfit. Versatility on the other hand comes when the gun belt can be worn both casually in a normal day or as a support to your pancake hostler. By having a presentable colour of the nylon gun belt with the right outfit to go with it, confidence is assured and so is comfort.

Width of the belt.

The width of the belt mostly depends on the belt loops in your pants. Most belt loops in most pants offer a width of up to 1.75 inches hence a gun belt with a smaller or exact width will work just well. The width is very essential as it determines whether the gun belt will be able to hold the hostler in place or  will it lead to the gun being visible to other people. The right width also keeps the hostler in place with little or no movement hence comfort and inconspicuousness.


Like any other belt, it is important to know how far the holes on the belt go and whether is will be ideal to your waist. Most brands offer different sizes of the belt according to different waist sizes. Ranging from small to medium to regular to large and even extra large, it is very possible to find the right size for you. Also, one should pay attention to the buckle of  the belt. So it would be important to take your time to look for the right nylon gun belt that fits you.

Extra features.


Some brands take time to add specific features to the product like double layer for the leather belt for durability, or even incorporating an internal stiffener which goes a long way with helping the belt to be rigid and strong enough to support heavy weights. And internal stiffener acts like a backbone that prevents the nylon gun belt from extra bending which usually leads to wearing out of the fabric.

The price.

Many cheap products are considered to be of low quality. That does not mean high quality products are expensive. In fact, some expensive products could be of poor quality or even counterfeit. You can get the right gun belt with all the above factors at a friendly price. Remember, it is good to invest in a high quality gun belt so that it can last for a longer period of time.

So the next time you need to get yourself a gun belt, keep the following factors in mind or just take thus article with you.

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