Best Pancake Holster


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It is one thing owning a firearm and it is another thing carrying it around. Pancake Holsters are an important part of carrying a firearm. Finding the right pancake holster is essential owing to the fact that there are a variety of them in the market. Some of good quality and some might just be counterfeit. Choosing the ideal one not only ensures that you are comfortable but makes it easier to possess the fire arm. Here are some of the factors to consider while choosing the right pancake holster.

Now let’s take a look at the best pancake holsters: their features, pros and cons.

Gould and Goodrich.

The  Gould and Goodrich type of holster combines quality with durability to bring about one of the best holsters. Only made in the USA, it is made of tanned leather for that touch of class and also for maximum durability. It comes with different styles of wearing which include titled wise or straight up. It has detailed craftsmanship which means the brand spent a little extra time on it to improve quality. It can be used on a 1.75 inch belt hence it has the right size of loops to accommodate any belt. It fits blocks 17,22 and 31 and is unisex above all. However, might fit too tightly to a point wear retention is a problem.


One of the most versatile in terms of carrying options since it has a three slot design that permits strong side, kidney or cross draw carrying options. This type of holster fits closely to the body provided it has the right type of belt. It has adjustable retention straps with a reversible thumb break for easier access. It is made from strong and resistant enough material for durability and can fit a 2-3 barrel of medium or small double action revolvers. Unfortunately, the stitching might not be to the point especially in crucial areas of the holster. Also, it somehow fits too closely hence not easily accessible.

Galco gunleather.

It is made of impeccable high quality due to its high quality material which is 100% premium leather. The craftsmanship ensures perfectly shaped body of the holster for secure rough retention. It is available for both left hand users and right hand users. The brand also caters for various colours including tan and black finishes. Galco Gun leather is mostly used by militants which shows how dependable it can be. Most of the holsters produced are unisex, for both gender. It largely fits a Springfield, kimber, para and 1911 five- inch colt.


The bianchi 57 remedy holster is one of the few with an open top for easier access and draw. Made ideally from premium leather, the bianchi brand incorporated a well designed body which is perfectly molded on the front for comfort and good looks. Available in a low profile colour and a hi rude design  for easy concealment of your gun. The belt slots fit a 1.5 inch belt hence it can be worn in most gun belts since this is the normal width for most of them. It has incredibly molded contours which show great craftsmanship of the material for fashionable reasons. I would certainly go for this holster due to the closer it fits to the body for a firm hold and stability.

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The type of firearm you possess. Different holsters come in different sizes and different designs to fit different types if guns. Knowing the design of the fire arm you possess goes a long way into helping you choose the right kind of holster to fit your firearm.

The kind of belt you have is also an important tool. Considering the loops in the holster you would love to possess, the belt has to fit in properly in the loop. This not only provide stability of the holster while it is in possession of the firearm but also ensures that there is little to no movement while walking so comfort and concealment are catered for.

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Some countries do not allow the possession  of fire arms. Therefore, carrying the firearms conspicuously can raise an alarm to other people and may cause problems with the authority even when you have the license. This does not necessarily mean that you should hide a gun in a holster even when you don’t have a license. The right pancake holster should be able to conceal your firearm while also allowing you the right time of access in situations where it might be needed.

Quality of the pancake holster should be the most important factor to consider. They come in different shapes, sizes and even materials ranging from leather to nylon and even plastic. Due to the fact that pancake holsters are constantly exposed to wear and tear, the quality of the material has to be durable enough to last for a longer time. Preferably plastic but since they are a rare material, strong or premium leather would work just fine

Ease of access of the firearm. Firearms are largely used for protection especially in impromptu cases. What is the use of a holster if it does not provide easy access to the firearm in such cases? The right pancake holster makes it easy to get a hold of the gun as quickly as possible, one handedly. It should not hinder you from taking out the gun or placing it inside with much ease.


Comfort. Let’s face it…we all love being comfort able. Especially when it involves something we need to put on. Holsters come in different sizes which affects comfort. I can’t be walking around in a large holster when I am a small bodied person. Knowing the right size for you goes a long way into helping you feel comfortable while having it. Also, depending on the colour, the holster should be able to blend in with the outfit you have put on for proper concealment. Like we talked about earlier, holsters should provide concealment and therefore having the right size also makes one confident enough to walk with the fire arm in their possession.

The right pancake holster should be able to fit and keep shape of the firearm. Like we discussed earlier, pancake holsters are constantly exposed to wear and tear hence having the right holster made of durable material allows the gun to fit perfectly and also prevents early distortion due to the holster.

Retention. Every holster is made to the specifications of certain guns. To obtain the right one, knowing the model of the gun goes a long to helping you. The right holster fits the gun snugly for proper retention of the firearm and also prevents little movements which can cause the firearm to fall off or  can also cause discomfort.