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If you are in a hurry and don’t have time for the detailed reviews we have just highlighted the best reflex sights right below.

Glock 43 Trijicon Night Sight Set

Truglo Tritium Brite-site Sight

AmeriGlo Glock 42 & 43 Classic Sight

Tru Glo Brite-site TG13GL3PC TFX Pro

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Glock 43 Trijicon Night Sight Set ( Best Reflex Sight)

Trijicon night sights are well known for their reliability and durability by many. They are common among military personnel and are used by law enforcement agencies worldwide as they fit a wide range of handguns. They come with limited lifetime warranties.


These night sights have bright titanium glowing green aiming dots for precision. The phosphor glass lambs are also titrium filled to boost superior illumination with an aluminum cylinder to protect them against recoil. Cleaning solvents cannot enter the lambs due to the same cylinder.  The Trijicon lamb resists harsh solvents and resists punctures using a tough sapphire window cap that also aids in even light distribution making it the best reflex sight you could buy.

Improve your range skills with the best reflex sights. Welcome aboard and put on your learning gloves.
Photo by Matthew Taylor / CC BY

Color combinations are well matched for the best and most effective sighting. Bright and tough Glock 43-night sights are fitted with a white bright ring around the green tritium dots on both rear and front sights for easy visibility during the day. Other combinations include the high visibility option in either yellow or orange on the front with black subdued in the rear sight. They are common rings for low visibility being very clear which is why they are named glow in the dark rings.

Customers say that these are the best reflex sights  and love them for their ease of installation and use. Orange colored ones are very popular due to high daylight visibility. Green sights work well for you if you prefer action in the quiet night. However, complaints have been lodged about issues with the front sight upon arrival of the product. I would go for a green dot any day.


What we Liked

    The product is very tough and durable.

    It is accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty

    There are several color combination patterns to choose from

    The green light aiming dots are protected and high visibility tritium

What we didn’t like

   Even though it’s the best reflex sight, it has  Some issues with the tritium possibly in the front sights.

Truglo Tritium Brite-site Sight


The Truglo Brite-site is a fiber optic and tritium combination handgun sight used for  pistols. These sights combine both sight styles to gain unmatched visibility throughout all shooting and reloading conditions. This versatile sight works both in low light, daylight and no light situations. It can be a reflex night sight as well as a day sight optical lens. It features a green optic fiber and green tritium dot in the front sight.  The rear sight offers an option of either green or yellow for fast target acquisition and increased contrast.

The snag-resistant design of the sight fits standard holsters with a concealed groove to hide fiber optics from your target. You won’t have to worry about being seen. The tough Fortress coating is a finish that ensures increased protection for durability even in extreme conditions. It claims to have been provisionally assembled and machined for accurate sighting. The small package comes with a lengthy 12-year limited warranty.

The beautiful design from the contrasting finish and optics makes this one a personal favorite for many. Coupled with its ease of installation, the Truglo Brite-site makes your shotgun almost unstoppable with quick target acquisition and accuracy. Most agree that combining color and arranging the fiber optics and tritium together gives the shooters view a direct guide to the front where it ought to be. The front sights work well but tend to wear out quickly in as low as 100 rounds of ammo of the typical pistol.

What we Liked

    The fiber optic is concealable and snag resistant

    Color combinations can be chosen from among many for contrast

    Comes with a 12-year limited warranty

    The fiber optic combination is suited for alignment to sight in all light conditions.

What we didn’t like

    This front refelx sight does not last long and seems to wear out quickly.

AmeriGlo Glock 42 & 43 Classic Sight

AmeriGlo Classic sights are claimed to be used worldwide by the military, law enforcement, recreational shooters, and defense-minded free citizens. Gun enthusiasts all over acclaim this one as a favorite for the any pistol.


The AmeriGlo Classic is CNC machined from high-quality steel for toughness and durability in use. They have that fantastic white and green color scheme with super bright tritium green dots that counts for a wonderful design. An even brighter shining white ring surrounding the outside of each sight post eases daylight alignment.

Much praise has been poured on the quick and easy to install process of fitting the sights on the rifle. The well-made design only goes as far as the same end of praise. As matter of fact, many have been heard saying that these sights are of the same quality as much pricier Trijicon sights.

A major critic is the fact that tritium lamps for these sights are kind of dull which may affect the shooting range.

What we Liked

    This scope is well designed and made

    Ease of installation is a bonus feature

    Green tritium dot for night sight with a white ring around it for daylight viewing

    Quick to use and acquire targets

What we didn’t like

    The sight may be less bright compared to other counterparts.

Tru Glo Brite-site TG13GL3PC TFX Pro

Tru Glo TG13GL3PC Brite-Site TFX Pro for Glk 42
List Price: $112.59
Price: $102.83
You Save: $9.76
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Finally, the Tru Glo Brite-site TFX which is a glow in the dark best reflex sight. The Swiss tritium made sight is of high quality yet simple in design for extra brightness. They fade from bright blaring green in low lighted conditions or in the dark to white light dots in the daylight hours. Just like all other titrium products, no re-charging or lithium batteries are needed for all this to happen. Amazing!


The Tru Glo Brite-site TG13GL3PC TFX Pro really rolls like a pro just like its name. It is manufactured and assembled from tough CNC machined high-quality steel from the USA. Then, a Fortress Finish coating is laid on top to finish the cover smoothly and for maximum protection. The permanent protective coating makes the sight much more durable than its counterparts as it is impenetrable and impervious to solvents, chemicals, and oils. Ultimately, one of our favorite features is the compact snag-resistant design in a tough configuration with rounded outside edges. It is so appealing to the eye.

This sight is not as fancy as its much more expensive competitors but that does not hold it back. Despite the fact that it lags behind in being fancy, it is super bright, even brighter than these more expensive sights. The viewing colors make for a very ideal line up for sighting targets out in the range.


What we Liked

    Maximum protection from permanent protective coating of the Fortress finish

    The durable coating is impervious to ultra-sonic cleaning processes, oils,chemicals, and cleaning solvents

    TFX technology fully encapsulated and protected in an indestructible configuration.

    Snag-resistant design

    Simple but high-quality sights

    Super bright tritium green in color but fades during the daylight to white dots for visibility

What we didn’t like

    Front sights are susceptible to quick wearing out

In a Nutshell

best reflex sights are easy to use and mount while being very beneficial for aiming in no light or low light conditions. This is nice for home protection or jobs that may compel you to use a sidearm in the dark of the night. They are versatile and can be adjusted for daylight use. Whether you need a fancy combination of fiber optics and tritium or a simple tritium dot, with these top picks, hopefully, you have something that suits your handgun.

Now that you have the best night sight for your rifle the next thing that needs to ring your mind is how you will keep it in its top gear. We are talking about maintenance for you now beloved scope on that handgun.How do you maintain your scope?

Maintaining your Red Dot Scope Guide

Riflescopes need regular upkeep to maintain their peak performance in operation. Scopes have multicoated and high-quality lenses that provide color fidelity and higher resolution when viewing through them. A smudged or dirty scope lens on the other side of the coin will decrease the sharpness and brightness of the targets and images. It is also much more prone to damage in the field than the rifle itself. From the foregoing, it is clear that it needs to be carefully maintained. Here’s how.

Scopes need regular cleaning.

Expert shooters and marksmen have the saying that the rifle scope should be well cleaned almost as often as the weapon itself. This is simply because the scope catches water residues,dust, and other substances during hunting just like the weapon itself. If these substances and materials are not cleaned off the scope, staining will occur on the lens as well as the formation of rust and molds that damages the knobs and lenses of the scope. In addition to this, yiu should ensure that you’re using a lens cover when storing your iron sight to prevent unwanted glare.

Clean the scope with smooth objects.

Modern scopes are tough and durable being made of machined stainless steel. Nonetheless, the rings, turrets, knobs and more importantly the lenses can quite easily be scratched or damaged if they are cleaned with wipes that don’t suit them. Cleaning packs are available and are recommended to be used for keeping scopes clean as they are safer. They include soft airbrushes used to dust off the lenses, corners around the eyepiece and windage bell. Smooth and clean textiles can be used for the same purpose those they are not guaranteed to be safe.

Ensure scope rings are secure on the hunt

Scope rings clamp the scope onto the rifle and hold it in position to secure alignment in place for precise viewing. Always ensure that the scope is securely held to avoid falling off when in action or even accidentally. This will also prevent the scope from shaking when the weapon recoils. Constant shaking loosens knobs and turrets making them lose accuracy. Don’t allow the scope to fall even if the rifle itself falls!

Store the scope wrapped in plastic

When not in use scopes should be well stored. They should be stored separately from the rifle and well wrapped. A plastic cover should completely seal the scope to avoid rusting and molding.Change in humidity and trapped dirt may cause this. The scope should be completely dry and in a sealed plastic bag as most experts advise.

During transportation, the scope should be put in a padded wrapper or bag if it is not securely mounted onto the rifle. Damage can easily occur during shaking and rolling in the case not to mention the constant bumping into other equipment. This impact should be avoided.

Handle the rifle well

The rifle should be handled carefully by the shooter as the impact on the weapon is easily transmitted to the attached scope. The scope may even acquire more damaged upon this impact.


The rifle is an amazing handgun and sidearm to have around for security or even recreation. Equipping it with the best reflex sights makes it even more tactical out there. Choosing the best gun scope should be based on the various criteria. One should buy a scope that well suits their Glock. Many expert shooters advise that the scope should be well maintained to keep it in premium working condition. You now have everything you need to get and keep your sidearm with you. It’s up to you now!


The Amazing Glock 43 – Why we Love it.

The Glock single stack 9mm was a long-awaited pistol from Glock that with no doubt meets all expectations. That’s right; its exactly what you expect it to be. It is very reliable and easy to shoot by being just the right size. The pistol feels and looks amusingly like a skinny Glock. Tiny but not too tiny! When you get this fella the first thing on your mind is hitting the road and it never disappoints. So, why did we love it?

First Impressions.

When you arrive at a range to test the Glock 43-night sights, the first thing you want to do is get familiar with the pistol. You might not have handled the Glock 43 before but rest assured that it feels like an old friend in your hands. The rifle is much smaller than other 9mm Glocks but it feels very familiar as the controls are right where a Glock shooter expects them to be. You could work with it with your eyes shut!

The pistol boasts two magazines with varied design to make the Glock 43 versatile enough for any situation. A flush fit magazine is accompanied by another with an extended baseplate that has enough room and space for the shooters pinky. The baseplate is extended below the weapon and consequently does not add any capacity to its parent magazine. Both magazines that ship with this Glock hold and carry six rounds of ammunition. A potential point of contention is the fact that many similar competitors to this pistol hold up to seven rounds. Nonetheless, this makes it a little shorter in the grip than its rivals.

Additionally, a Gen4 magazine release capable of being reversed for left-handed shooters is a bonus feature.G43(Short for Glock 43) sports a trigger of the new Glock pistol design as expected. The best reflex sights are the ball in a basket standard plastic Glock style that is loved by many folks.

Accurate Shooting.

Accurate shooting is what any rifle is really all about. The first few rounds should give you a feel of the new pistol with concern for accuracy but when you get to 35,40,50 or so yards it’s a different story. This modern pistol speaks for itself within these longer ranges. The G43 superbly shoots C-zone targets at these extreme ranges from RSR Steel with relative ease. Getting all six rounds on target at about 50 yards proves much harder. The shooting accuracy of this amazing handgun is one of killing precision.

No matter how you shoot the G43, fast or slow, trying to reveal any weaknesses you will not find any malfunction almost certainly. The pistol gives you so much fun when shooting that you have to be carrying plenty of ammo else you won’t realize when it runs out. The mind-blowingly accurate pistol gives satisfying results for a single-stack pistol like never before.

The G43 is a really fantastic pistol being nice shoot and the smallest 9mm Glock to date. It entered an overwhelmingly crowded market with other fantastic pistols but still stood out as a Glock. The other bunch cannot hold it back. Literally!

Choosing the Best Gun Scopes for Your Gun

Now that you have your Glock with you will want to equip it with the best accessories for maximum precision. One thing that will really be in your mind will be the optics as it is crystal clear that accurate shooting results from the firearm, shooter,ammunition and sighting system working well together. Choosing the right scope determines the accuracy realm of the targets within and without the range of your weapon. There are various gun scope out there but don’t be fooled; here is how you choose the best gun sighting systemr to make your pistol unstoppable out there.

The Various Sighting System Permutations.

Red Dot Sights

This type of optics offers no magnification to your viewing, instead, it superimposes a light red dot on the target. This is a personal favorite for many for most shooting applications and hunting as it offers unimaginable accuracy. What’s more, the red dot sight is adjustable for brightness in compensation for range and changing light conditions in the field. It is most suitable for low-light situations when hunting.

Scope sights

A number of quality handgun scopes are produced today with one stand out feature. They possess long eye relief that enables effective use for a firearm that will be used at arm’s length. Using this one though needs some getting used as all the wobbles and shakes one experiences when shooting offhand are exaggerated as you peer through a scope. They work well with very low illumninated condition with best reflex sights also available. Scope sights work by magnifying everything in their line of sight which may create some, especially when set to high magnification. This one is best for experienced shooters.

Open Iron Sights

These give a full view of the surroundings as the shooter will not be viewing through a tube in essence. They may be adjustable or fixed iron sights depending on shooter disgression. Open iron sights are quick to use and enable the shooter to respond quickly to situations in the field. One for the purists!

Brightness Settings

Manipulating electronic sight rheostats to brighter positions makes reticles much easier to acquire quickly. This is ideal if you will be working with close range targets who typically present a greater threat. If you have the luxury of slowing down, use low illumination that provides finer aiming for your gun. That said, the reticle style, lighting conditions, and eyesight should guide your choice of scope that will provide the illumination necessary. Keep the range of targets and how quickly you will need to working out there in mind.


Mounting scopes on a firearm may well be not a complex affair but still requires a little knowledge. Most guns, including Glocks, do not come with built-in sights and additional equipment is needed to install optics on the weapon. Typical mounting systems usually consist of two parts, the scope ring, and scope base. The scope base fits onto the firearm while the scope ring takes the scope. It is of utmost importance to pick the appropriate combination of adjustable scope ring and base as this will enable you to install various optics on the same gun. This makes your gun more versatile. More importantly, the intended use of your gun should point the direction in which to look when choosing bases and rings.

Which is the Best Scope viewing Color?

Gunsight color is a personal choice as everyone sees the world in a different way. Generally, most eyes will pick some colors faster than others and that color is green. Therein lie a problem and a solution. Green is the universal color for night sights, Glock 43-night sights for example, due to the glowing tritium vial. This is perfect for low light situations but when the light switch is flipped you have to turn your attention to other colors. Other colors utilized include yellow, white and orange.

White can very easily be used in both low light and bright situations. You will be able to see the sight quickly and focusing is great when it is used as a passive color. The main downside of this color is when the action on the field is speedy. The white front gets lost in the world of white which makes picking out a target harder.

Yellow many will agree that it is perhaps the best performing color in most conditions. It is quite a lot like green as the human eye sees it with much ease. However, the color has somewhat of a reflective nature that may strain the eye after long periods of shooting. It also doesn’t match well with certain scope ring colors such as white. A combination of black rings and yellow scope has proved to be a top seller.

Orange is also a high visibility color picked up easily by the human eye. What sets it out is the fact that it is extremely fast better than a tritium vial. Moreover, it is easier to focus on and less reflective. It has no washout effect when combined with white rings.

Inevitably, there is always user preference especially with firearms that are individualistic by nature. Again personal experience goes a long way being your guide. You may still be wondering how you will buy the right scope for your Glock but don’t worry; here is our buying guide for you.

Your Reflex Sight Buying Guide.

With so much technical jargon, different options and special feature it is still easy to end up with the wrong scope for your gun. That’s where our expert guide comes in! Let’s get to it then.

Understand the Specifications.

The first thing you need is to understand the variations of the various gun scopes available in the market. You will need to understand the specifications of a gun scope as well as their meanings. These differences in specifications significantly affect the scopes performance hence the weapons performance in various situations.

The specification of the scope is indicated by two sets of digits in most cases. ultimately, the duo set shows the strength or magnification power of the gun scope and the light gathering ability. The preceding set of numbers is the magnification power while the latter is the diameter of the scope’s objective.The two elements determine how the optics will perform. The magnification strength may be fixed in which case it is indicated by a single digit or variable whereby it is indicated by two digits separated by a hyphen to show the range of power.

Now that you are able to interpret the power of your scope you will need to decide the best scope power for your gun. The ideal power whether you are hunting, target shooting or out in the battlefield will be dependent on how far you will be shooting and what you are shooting. Is it near or far? Is it large or small? These are crucial questions. Choose higher magnifications for smaller and farther away targets. Variable magnification power is a very flexible option. The time during which you will be shooting should also be considered.

Eye Relief-Buy a Comfortable Scope.

Eye relief generally refers to the most comfortable distance that you will be able to hold your scope from the eye while still seeing the entire image of your target. Test the scope to make sure that it won’t bother your eye while there are more serious things to worry about like that big game right in front of you. Eye relief differs also depending on the magnification power. The more the eye relief the more ideal the scope is as not only will it allow you to spot targets faster but it will also reduce the chance of injury to the eye if the gun recoils.

Lens Coatings

Lens coatings serve to reduce the amount of light lost as transmission from the magnifier to the eye occurs. Most scopes have such special coatings which makes them better options to buy. These coatings reduce light reflection and the scattering of light through the scope resulting in more light getting to the eye. The contrast and sharpness of the image increases which makes picking out targets easier. Scopes can either be fully coated, multicoated or fully multicoated. Multicoated are most effective in decreasing light loss. Despite the fact that they are more costly, most experts recommend buying multicoated optics. They tend to have a better field of view.


This is an additional feature that ensures your scope is protected from any unexpected downpours. Its best advisable to always check that your preferred choice has this bonus feature before buying.

Parallax Adjustment

Every scope should be able to adjust for parallax and it advantageous to consider this before purchase. Parallax can be a confusing concept with regard to rifle scopes but there are only three choices to choose from. One that has a side focus, one with an adjustable objective lens or one that is factory set to adjust for parallax. Automatically adjusting scope lenses are by far the best.

There you have it! Those few tips are enough to get you to buy the best scope for your gun. We put all these tips on the frontline and compiled for you the best Glock 43 scope in the market right now.