Best quality shemagh brand review

Model wearing one of the best shemaghs
Photo by Mohammed / CC BY

Here’s why you should get the best shemagh. Imagine walking through the sun scorching arid area with  layers of sun screen on your skin but you still feel like your skin is cracking and dehydrated. Or walking through the cold wind blowing so wildly across your face you can hardly open your eyes. These are one of the adverse conditions that take a toll on not only our skin but also our energy. Unfortunately, we can’t stop these conditions from happening and neither can we avoid visiting such places. And that is where the shemagh scarf comes in. With the right size of the scarf, walking through the above weather climate is not so bad after all.

Tactical scarfs are mostly popular in the middle east countries(where they originated from) and they are largely used all over the world,  especially but military personnel in adverse weather conditions, and also as a fashion statement by people in day to day activities. Here are our four best shemaghs

Mato and Hash 

One of the most versatile military shemaghs with many different uses and many different ways to fold. The mato and hash scarf not only comes in different amazing colours but is also available in many sizes with a jumbo size available too. It is made purely from cotton whish is not only a durable and strong enough kind of material to be long lasting, the fabric provides comfort and is breathable. It can be worn in different styles since the scarf comes with a instructions on how to fold. However, it is advisable to wash before wear to avoid getting your skin or other clothing dyed when you sweat or get wet.

Fox outdoor

The fox outdoor shemagh is one of the lightest scarfs made from 100% cotton. Proudly made in the USA or also imported, the fox outdoor product is highly efficient in offering protection as a head wear in both military and civilian use. It has a wide range of uses like in both the desert scorching sun or the winter wind. It is also available in slightly varies colours for an easier pick.

Army Universe

Looking for one of the best shemagh scarf, then look no further. Army universe provides one of the most unique and best qualities. Starting from the 100% cotton made fabric which is expertly woven with beautiful Arabian patterns. It has been specially designed to offer protection against the wind and sun on the head and neck areas. The army universe brand took into consideration the everyday needs and added tussles at the ends of the scarfs. The material is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear in day to day activities. It is important to be observant on the colour one is ordering, if online, so as to get the right scarf you chose.

Rothco shemaghs – one of the best shemaghs

Rothco Plus Lightweight Shemagh Desert Scarf - Tan
List Price: $9.97
Price: $9.97
Price Disclaimer

Rothco companies is among the top manufacturing brand producing good quality shemaghs. Available in sixteen different colours ranging from olive drab to pink, rothco gives you the freedom of choice in colours. The scarf’s fabric is made purely of cotton for durability. The craftsmanship is of high quality to enable use of the scarf in tough conditions. Rothco also included incredible pattern designs for bold fashion statements. However, one should order the right measurements as it shrinks when washed.

Tapp collection.

Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf - Black/Camel
List Price: $11.99
Price: $11.99
Price Disclaimer

Tapp collection focuses on making shemaghs in the simplest but unique designs. The fabric is made from light material which is thin  for sunny conditions and can also be worn alternatively in the winter as a head gear.

Choosing the right shemagh scarf largely depends on one’s preference of the right one. Whether it’s the colour or fabric of the scarf or the one that just appeases the eyes. It also depends on how you would love to use the scarf, either to prevent against harsh whether or as a fashion piece.


There are a lot of factors to consider while choosing the best shemagh scarf. They come in various types of materials, colours, sizes and even styles for easier folds. First and foremost the main factor is the material of the scarf. Most of the scarfs are made of pure woven cotton or a touch of wool for durability. Why cotton? Because cotton is a not only soft but also a tough fabric making it durable through these harsh weather conditions. Moreover, cotton allows air to be trapped in between the layers of the fabric making it breathable enough. If you are looking for the best shemagh scarf to protect against the whether then cotton is the number one material for this purpose.

The quality of the scarf is another factor. This includes the craftsmanship of the fabric. Whether it has been well knitted or are there loose threads in between which of course no one would like. If obtaining one from an online shop, you have to be careful on the different prints which may not be of good quality. Also, the dye used should not be of poor quality which may result to fading too much.

The colours and prints you would prefer. There are many tactical scarfs from different designing companies worldwide. It is important to observe the colours you would prefer, ranging from bright ones which are mainly for fashion statements to dull colours for military works or weather influenced.

The weight of the fabric used. Depending on the purpose of the scarf, there are different fabrics for each purpose. For example, light weight scarfs are mostly used in hot  weather conditions to keep cool or also for fashion purposes. Heavy materials are mostly for winter conditions to keep warm.




The size of the scarf is another factor. The shemagh scarf, was originally used as a traditional attire by the Palestinians to depict solidarity. If you intend to have one for the same purpose then having a larger one would work just right to tie around the head. Also, depending in your own body size, large scarfs for large body sizes and small scarfs for small body sizes. Smaller scarfs would mostly be tied around the neck or around the head depending on the fold while larger ones are tied around the waist.


And the last but not least the price you would love to spend on the scarf. Higher prices do not always mean good quality of the item. This also does not mean that good quality is at all very cheap. It is important to match the quality of the scarf with the amount of money being paid for it. Quality mostly involves the material used to make the scarf and also the craftsmanship of the design. All these add up to the right price to be spent and also obtaining the best shemagh scarf.

As mentioned above, there are different production and design brands that focus on producing the best shemagh scarf. Let’s take a look at some of the different scarfs from different brands with their pros and cons.