SKS scope mounts: A review of the best

Scope mounts require a great deal of thought when making a choice. They are designed differently to do different jobs having both advantages and disadvantages and the best thing is to identify the intended use of your rifle. Here is a review of the best SKS scope mount systems.

AN SKS scope mount is great. It let's your intergrate attachments to your rifle semalessly. SKs is well known for their impressive mounts and today, we'll review them
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Bumlon AK Mount Rail Picatinny 20mm Weaver Base Scope Sight – best SKS scope mount


This Bumlon SKS scope mount is among the best contenders for the most affordable mounts in the market. It is also among the easiest and fastest bases to install with only a single quick step. There is no need for a screwing file or removal of rail covers. Simply replace your iron sights with this mount in a little less than five minutes. This model doesn’t give a peep sight as the stock rear sight is replaced by this mount. A quick fix!

The scope rail comes with well-calibrated aiming and reference dots at the back that enables the scope mount rail to be used as a backup iron sight. This adds to both the flexibility and versatility of the scope and rifle. This design well suits the AK rifle series providing red dot low profile scope mount to the SKS by being ultra lightweight in design and operation. The rail will work well on any rifle that utilizes standard iron sights. You could keep a low profile with this one for sure!

The rail is shorter than ideal but it’s the best and perfect size for a compact scout scope or red dot. The rail will not move an inch once the scopes are installed. The design is such that the rail can be used as a fixed sight making aiming even more easier. It is really fascinating that something this affordable works so well.

The stand out feature with this model, however, is the quick assembly if offers. The design is made to replace the stock rear sight set up. The installation does not need any modification to the rifle or a gunsmith and is a matter of seconds. It also offers long-term service from a single cheap purchase.


    Very easy and one step installation

    This scope mount is lightweight which makes it very suitable for most rifles

    No modification has to be made for installation of the mount such as gunsmithing.

    It can be used as a backup iron sight.

    It designed to fit lower which makes it good at handling recoil.


    Lateral stability is somehow compromised with this design

UTG PRO SKS Receiver Cover Mount w/22 Slots, Shell Deflector


The UTG pro fits snug with your SKS and gives an aptly tight fit to the rifle making it a cover type SKS scope mount. This drop-in receiver mount is precision machined and cast from stainless steel with an anodized hard coat which gives it amazing durability. The base also provides shockproof stability. The coating is resistant to wear and tear. The design is such that it allows the use of large and powerful optics as the mount engages to the receiver’s rear with a section of the metal running over the bolt. This metal piece is a shell deflector that protects the scope and shooter from spent cartridges. An insurance for reliable operation you could say.

The Picatinny rail with 22 slots allows installation of long scope together with other accessories. Additions such as thermal cameras and flashlights are welcome additions that comfortably fit into the sturdy mount. It is long but very rigid with the metal able to resist bending due to the heavy optic. The mount is a one-piece solid construction that may add some weight to the SKS but with heavy optics the match is superb. The lengthy scope conveniently gives plenty of space for most scopes. This flexibility from this design is really something to admire. The mount also adequately rises and rides high to use iron sights with close-range targets.

The UTG pro SKS scope mount is a see-through model that weight up to 12.2 oz. It offers easy installation with 4-Point rock repeatable solid locking onto the receiver. The model goes as far as providing well-needed eye relief to the user. In addition to being easy to install, this mount has zero room to wiggle when well installed. A steady scope is definitely what every marksman wants. The scope mounts bolts onto the gun and will work with aftermarket stock that is in the market, unlike other systems that bolt onto the stock.


    The mount is a single piece design

    Very precise alignment and great zero holding

    It is easy to install

    Very rigid and durable

    Full-length base with 22 slots Picatinny rail


    The design is limited to certain SKS rifles and doesn’t fit Chinese SKS

    Restrive with stripper clips.

Matador SKS Full Length Optic Rail Mount

BARSKA SKS Mount with Integrated Rail
List Price: $57.25
Price: $23.59
You Save: $33.66
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The Matador SKS scope mount sits solidly on your rifle with only 160g with an overall length of 292 mm. The Picatinny rail length is 255 mm which is ideal for most SKS rifle series. The sturdy solid aluminum optics base is designed for all SKS models to give you an affordable option for your rifle. This comes without any form of filling or gunsmithing. The only thing needed is removing the tab found on the cover retaining pin of the receiver. The scope base mounts at zero after being cleaned-every time!

This SKS optics rail is a light contender that can be featured in most rifles without much fuss. It is Alberta-made with the rail eliminating the need for using a gunsmith so as to tap the receiver to make a Choate-type mount. This also requires the removal of some stocks. The lengthy 255 mm long Picatinny rail gives much more room and space than traditional receiver covers to mount the optics where they ought to be.

This model turns your SKS rifle into a tactical weapon by enabling you to mount slight packages into the rifle for conventional functionality. A dual mount design replaces rear sight and dust cover for a solid mount that will not move on firing. A built-in shell case deflector allows the use of much longer scopes. It deflects shells from the shooter and rifle to prevent jamming and reduce stovepipes.Cleaning is easy by disassembly using a rear takedown pin and a rail flip up to remove the top cover.


    The base is a Picatinny rail that accepts weaver accessories.

    The solid one-piece billet aluminum construction is precision CNC machined

    It is an easy five-minute install

    The mount retains zero

    It deflects shell cases and protects optics

    It is accompanied by a receiver cover and replacement rear sight pin.


    The design needs rear sight removal with 3mm punches recommended.



The SKS is a rifle many marksmen and hunters prefer. Using it along with a scope mount allows the use of other accessories and greatly improves the accuracy of the weapon. A good SKS scope mount should be durable, easy to install, lightweight and fits snug with the SKS rifle. The type of scope mount you choose greatly depends on individual use and preference.



How To Choose The Best Scope Mounts

A lot of confusing arguments exist regarding the perfect or supposedly the best scope mount for a weapon or SKS rifle in any case. The overwhelming variety of mounting systems has waged wars across various forums about the best SKS scope mount you could choose. The choice may not be that simple especially with the various discussions flowing internet wide and especially if you are new to the field of mounting optics. Nonetheless, one question still lingers around; which is the best scope mount for you? The intended use, as well as the dimensions of the scope, should be your guide when you’re in this dilemma. Let’s show you how!

Fixed systems vs Detachable systems.

Here the words really speak for themselves. Fixed systems are almost permanently attached to your rifle. They can only be removed with the right tools. Some of these scope mounting systems may not provide enough mounting space from the center hub to the bells but extensions for these systems are available. These extensions enable them to sufficiently accommodate long-action rifles.

Detachable systems, on the other hand, are just that – detached from your rifle. They allow you to easily remove a scope from the rifle when in action if an optic fails or in an area that negates the preferences for that optic. If your plan is to use a single scope for two different rifles, a detachable SKS scope mount is the way to go. These systems include removable rings but some mounts are removed even without tools. The flexibility you prefer should guide you on the best option for you.

Scope Mounts – One or Two-piece.

One piece scope mounts have fewer advantages that may be specific to some rifles. They automatically align scope rings by adding height that gets the scope into a comfortable and proper position while pushing the optic past the handguard for eye relief. They are typically more rigid and stronger though heavier, which may be a concern for lightweight rifles. If weight doesn’t concern you, this mount should be a much better option over its counterpart. This also should be the case when using a heavy scope as it offers more support and longer scopes can be pushed forward.

A major setback with this one piece base is that it creates chamber clearance issues for bolt action rifles. This will make it difficult to clear malfunctions, clear misfeeds and load single rounds. Misalignment of mounting holes may also create undue stress and cause vertical stringing. These designs will cost extra money but give you the ability to get more from your scope. They are best for tactical weapons and bench shooting bolt action rifles.

Two piece mounts are not as tactical or fancy as the former but they have their deserved place in the rifle world. They are much lighter making them perfect for lightweight rifles. They are undeniably better for hunters who mag well or need quick chamber access with a bolt action rifle. Alignment is very easy and the rings allow lower optic mounting on lever and bolt actions. They are commonly available and much more affordable. The scope rings in this design are also more interchangeable between rifles, unlike one piece designs.

Bases and Rings Match in Their Various Makes.

Bases and rings are generally designed to match each other even if various styles of SKS scope mount systems that exist. Picatinny and Weaver –style bases (also rails) feature slots to accommodate matching cross bolts for each ring as the angled edges give an interface to clamp the rings in place. Talley bases are quite similar but are machined in such a way that their entire feet are accepted on the base with no cross-bolt. Dovetail bases have an oval-shaped cutout to accept a wedge on the bottom of the ring half. Rear bases are windage-adjustable bases with a set of opposing screws to center the scope and ring over the receiver. Integral and proprietary bases also fit some rifles.

Rings should definitely match the bases. Use Picatinny rings with Picatinny bases and so on. Rings may split vertically or horizontally. The bottom half of horizontally split rings engages the base making installation easier while each half of the vertically split ring mounts on the base giving a strong mount. Vertically engaging rings are more difficult to install well. Sizes of rings range from 1-inch to 34mm diameter for accommodating scope tubes with various heights for bolt lift, objective bells and comb height varying from low to high. Choose the lowest possible height providing clearance for your bolt and scope while at the same time positioning the aiming eye to the ocular lens. This keeps the bore and optic close and assists with cheek weld to avoid raising your head when looking via the scope.